What is Psychodrama?

Conceived and developed by Jacob Levi Moreno , M.D. Psychodrama employs guided dramatic action to examine problems or issues raised by an individual or a group. Using experiential methods, sociometry, role theory and group dynamics. Psychodrama facilitates insight, personal growth and integration on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels. It clarifies issues, increases physical and emotional well being, enhances learning, and develops new skills.


Ongoing Psychodrama Training Group for Therapists

When: One Saturday a Month
305 S. Hyde Park Ave
Tampa, Fl 33606
Cost: $100 (student rates available)
Time: 9am-5pm

We are located in the lovely Hyde Park section of South Tampa in a beautiful, turn of the century Victorian home.
305 S Hyde Park Ave
Tampa, Florida 33606
Susan Phone 813-205-4900
Sandra 813-205-8834

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