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About Our Ongoing Training Group

Our ongoing psychodrama training group offers professionals and students an opportunity to deepen understanding of theoretical underpinnings of psychodrama; while building confidence in their skills. This format allows trainees to build strong sociometric connections in the group. The year long format (September – June) creates a safe place for individuals to do their own “work”, while fully exploring the roles of director, auxiliary ego, protagonist and group member.

This training is appropriate for all skills levels.  No prior psychodrama experience is required. Individuals in the mental health field, addictions and recovery, creative arts therapists, human services, law, and the medical field will benefit from this training.  In fact, individuals have attended the ongoing training to have group experience and a safe place to do their work.  

Each year, specific topics, such as eating disorders, grief and loss, psychodrama in individual therapy are offered. 

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